A Growing Need

More than 1 Million orphans in Zambia right now.

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A Shelter Full of Grace

Chande provides housing, food, medicine, love and education to its county's orphans.

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Educating All

Primary and secondary education boasting some of the Kitwe's highest testing scores.

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Join the international chorus of CHANDE supporters, workers and volunteers!

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Support Chande

Whether through prayer, giving or visiting, you can be a part of this amazing project.

Chande Kids

This gallery shows how Chande meets the needs of Zambia's growing orphan population.

Life on the Edge

Follow a young boy as he travels far from home to go to school at Chande.

Working for All

Chande employs and trains adults who are struggling. Learn more about Chande's grassroots approach to supporting the children and adults in need.

Father to the fatherless, defender of widows— this is God, whose dwelling is holy. - Psalm 68:5